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Introducing the Signature


your everyday versatile style statement

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The jewellery we choose to wear daily often adorns the memory of significant
life milestones. Our ‘V bracelet’ symbolises celebration of little victories,
vivacity and versatility of life. It makes a quietly assertive statement,
designed for the wearer to feel comfortable and confident in their skin.

The mixed-media composition of this bracelet features ceramic bands,
and diamond-encrusted detailing with a coloured stone mounted on each one.

Personalising of the ‘V-Bracelet’ with alphabet initials makes it a perfect gift for self and loved ones.

It is possible to replace the ceramic band according to personal preference,

or mix and match the centrepieces and bands.

Personal jewellery is also about the wearer’s personal freedom to
‘change the narrative’ as many times as required, or desired. Small V-shaped

detailing on either side help clasp the design elements together.

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