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A unique experience unfurls at

D L F     E M P O R I O ,   N E W   D E L H I .

Presenting experimental Jewellery Engineering in an intimate salon for the discerning; the legacy continues. Built upon its 68 years of history, by Khanna Jewellers offers an exclusive experience;  with the luxury of privacy and the age-old customs of discussing high jewellery in confidence with  a trusted jeweller – values dear to the family.


VRK is an artistic take on the traditional word, ‘varak,’

(superfine filigree foil sheet of pure metals) while also representing the initials of the founding

brothers - Kewal Krishan Khanna, Raj Krishan Khanna, and Vijay Khanna

– from the second generation of the parent company.

Says Kartik Khanna, representing the fourth generation,

With VRK we aim to diversify the entrepreneurial blueprint set by the founding
generations, crafting nuanced pieces for the astute lover of jewellery. We have combined age
old traditional artisan skills with modern technology to create signature single edition and
limited edition pieces. ese are designed to make an impact by expressing strong individual

style – from everyday precious to bold statement jewellery.

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